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Don’t kill that Mob yet, LOOK it up!

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You kids and your rock and roll!!

Ok, help me understand these basics. I’ll throw in my 2 cents, and feel free to correct me. I’m tired of getting “pwnd” by “leet” kids all day on Xbox Live. Word.

1) QQ : This is supposed to be a lil crying symbol right? Like two crying eyes? You put this when someone is whining? It’s only one letter away from the word CRY so why not just put CRY?

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Arthur C. Clarke dies at 90! 90!

He lived a long, full life. Such a brilliant guy. Sorry, I hate to post these things, but figured some people might not have heard:

(CNN) — Author Arthur C. Clarke, whose science fiction and non-fiction works ranged from the script for “2001: A Space Odyssey” to an early proposal for communications satellites, has died at age 90, associates have said.

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Eve ISK is no big thang, Gold for newbs in Vanguard and Prom Dates in WoW.

Well, I’m back to flying my Raven, an awesome looking Battleship in Eve online. It’s outfitted and fun to blow rats up with. I also will be flying my Harpy and Hawk in a few days, and have a Caracal ready for PvP.
So my corp gets war declared all over it. We had spies all in our ranks. Paranoia runs rampant. We boot people, ban people, question everyone. I felt that weed-paranoia, but I haven’t smoked that stuff since I got smart. (er)

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More on Eve, so the comments box won’t be destroyed.

First off, thanks for all the comments!

So I logged in some more today realizing that the Corp (guild) I met last night forgot to actually invite me to the guild. We spent most of the night catching me up on some of the changes that came over the last year I had missed, all the small things like this new little threat meter and new ships. They were a very cool group, save for some of that typical Eve chat (you know, someone starts talking about body parts, tries to sound really shocking, no one laughs.) The Corp leader has some cool ideas, from a huge group of us taking frigates to do missions to some other top secret stuff. It seems I met a great group of people. And *gasp* a girl too!

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The 9,363,450 skill point noob.

So I had to give in.

In GAX chat the other day, we were watching the Eve coverage of some PvP tournaments. Jade shared a link, I clicked on it, and there was a streaming program showing two teams of ships battling it out. It steamed perfectly, and the “camera crew” was even able to zoom in, and two voices gave a play-by-play.
I was so inspired by the “techy-ness” of it all. Why don’t more MMO’s do this? Live coverage of ANY event, or even of day-to-day happenings would be amazing. (On FFXI’s home page they do feature a “web-cam” type thing, showing players going about their business.) For me, it solidified CCP as one of the best (and most innovative) lil MMO companies around.

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